Each day we serve one hot and one cold nutritionally balanced meal. Hot meals are made fresh daily, under supervision of a nutritionist, and distributed with sack meals made fresh daily in our kitchen. We plan a wide variety of tastes for the menu. If you let us know in advance of your special likes or dislikes, our staff can exchange an entrée for something you prefer. We can also cater to specific dietary needs, such as diabetes, hypertension, allergies, etc.

Here is a sample of our meals.


Chicken cordon bleu, scalloped potatoes, green beans
Baked Halibut with lemon sauce, rice pilaf, mixed vegetables
Roast Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, bean medley
Meat Lasagna, Capri vegetables, butter cauliflower
Homemade soup and salad.


(All cold meals are served with juice or milk.)
Tuna sandwich, applesauce, muffin
Ham and cheese sandwich, macaroni salad, pudding
Egg salad sandwich, three bean salad, bread pudding.

Add many more hot and cold varieties, including salads and desserts….

All meals are picked up at the All Saint’s Episcopal Church and delivered by caring volunteers between 11am and noon.

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